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You already know what it takes to operate a successful window covering business: You need to improve your company's overall profits by maximizing your sales revenues and reducing your overhead.

Well, one way to guarantee ALL of this is to select a component supplier who actually understands your business operations: A supplier that’s been in your shoes, selling and installing window coverings…not just some faceless manufacturer, cranking out components and pedaling them to you.

If you're looking for a true partner - not just a "parts vendor" - then Thermalite™ is just what you’re looking for.

Thermalite is a synthetic shutter material developed in the 1980’s as high labor costs and and the expense of wood shutter manufacturing waste began to take their toll on Shutter fabricators.

After seven years of R&D, Thermalite was born in 1987 and the rest is history. Unlike wood, Thermalite is virtually impervious to moisture or fire, it’s recyclable, easy to work with, and is even a much better insulator than wood. Also unlike wood, since it is recyclable, it is a more "renewable" resource.

With decades of proven success in retail sales and fabrication, Thermalite represents an entire system of components, consulting, technology and training that enables Thermalite fabricators to realize greater profits and success.

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